Slotshub is characterized by the enormous community it has created. The satisfaction of its members is our top priority! Our experienced Support team is here to answer the most common questions from players. Of course, for any issues you may encounter, you can first contact the customer support of the respective casino. We'd like to remind you that you have the option to open a ticket for more complex questions or technical matters, either on our website or on our Discord Server.


What is the most effective method for making large withdrawals?

We would like to remind you that most casinos have a daily withdrawal limit, which is usually set at 500€. For withdrawals of this range, verification will likely be required.

  1. First, we request a withdrawal equal to the daily limit. (For example, 500€)
  2. After the first withdrawal is completed, we recommend playing 10 spins for relaxation and then requesting another withdrawal equal to the daily limit.
  3. After the second withdrawal is completed, you can withdraw another 500€ every day.

In general, it is preferable to execute one transaction at a time rather than having 2-3 pending simultaneously.

Which casinos doesn't need a verification?

All the casinos on our website, may not require a verification for amounts up to 200-300€. However, if asked, you must complete the verification process.

Why my verification documents are not being approved?

It takes some time for the player's documents to be verified. If they are not ultimately accepted, the specific reason for rejection is stated, as well as the exact document that the player needs to send. In any case, we are here to assist you with technical issues that may arise!

Why am I unable to access Site X? It states that it does not welcome players from my country.

To access any of the casinos on our website, simply click on the respective link you'll find on our homepage. If you're still unable to access it, try disabling your Adblock, clearing your browser history/cache/cookies, and you should be good to go. If the issue persists, open a ticket on our Discord Server, and we'll guide you through the process.

Additionally, some casinos may undergo maintenance on their platforms, temporarily closing registrations. If you try after 6 PM, you should be able to register.

What to be aware of when wagering a bonus?

Each bonus has its own terms and conditions. Read our article on bonus wagering tips HERE.

Are the casinos featured on our website reliable?

Rest assured, all the casinos listed on our website have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed to be 100% reliable! If you happen to encounter any issues along the way, our experienced support team at Slotshub is readily available to provide you with expert guidance and assistance.

Nevertheless, it's important to note that, like any other online casino, each one has specific terms and conditions, both general and related to registration bonuses. We strongly advise you to take the time to carefully read and diligently follow these terms. Neglecting to do so can lead to unfortunate situations where players inadvertently forfeit their bonuses and winnings, essentially breaching the agreed terms with the casino. Stay informed, play smart!

Why, even though I have requested a withdrawal, does the verification field remains unavailable on my account?

If verification is eventually required, the player will be informed via email or the verification field will be opened on their account after a short period of time. Additionally, the player can contact the Livechat of the respective casino for further clarification.

Why is my withdrawal delayed (I haven't completed the verification process)?

If your withdrawal is delayed, it's likely that verification will be required. The relevant section will open in your account, and it is recommended to contact live chat for precise instructions.

Why I din't received the welcome bonus?

First, check in your account for any available bonuses that might need activation. If it's not available there, before you start playing, contact the casino's Live Chat so they can manually credit it to you.

Why is there a daily withdrawal limit in place?

In most casinos, there are withdrawal limits per day, week, and month, which depend on the VIP level of each player. You can also check the terms of each casino yourself to be aware of what applies (and what doesn't).

What documents are needed for verification?

Usually, you'll need an identity document (e.g., ID card), a document related to the payment method you used (e.g., a photo of both sides of your bank card), and a proof of residence document (e.g., a utility bill). Additionally, they may request some form of bank documentation (e.g., bank statement or transaction history).

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